1st anniversary

Today we have 1st anniversary of our wedding!!!! I can’t believe that it has been already a year!

We celebrated yesterday. We returned to the place where we got married and remembered that magical day. Looked at the garden and watermill, walked around and then had dinner there.

David, it is great to be married to you and share the bond of marriage with you. It is a really good feeling and now we can start count years instead of months.

And if somebody is curious…. then no, no baby. :)



the wedding day

September 2, 2007

I must say magic happened at our wedding. I can’t be more thankful. Somebody looked after us. I had so great wedding I would never imagine!

David’s mom was there and she looked great and happy and she stayed the whole time! The wedding would be totally different if she wouldn’t be able to attend. She is a very strong woman and I admire her very much. 


Then the weather was beautiful, around 75, the garden looked great, the Inn staff was very warm and open to everything we wanted to do. And I was relaxed and smiling the whole time even I thought I would be crying.

The day went by so fast. The ceremony was at noon. We went to hairdresser at 7:30am and stayed until 10:00am. She was very good and everybody was satisfied with her work. She also did my make up. I liked it very much.


Then we returned at my house and dressed and took some photos. David was getting ready at parent’s house. At 11:15am we drove to Wayside Inn in Sudbury where the wedding was. I didn’t want to be late. We were there on time and we were just waiting for David’s mom because the ambulance car was late to pick her up at the Nursing house. At least I can joke that nobody was waiting for the bride. :) The ceremony started 20min later but nobody was annoyed. The weather was great and we had an excellent guitarist player. There were some funny moments during the ceremony as when the Justice Of The Piece asked: "Who presents Jana to be married to David?" and my brother who led me said instead of "I do" said "yes" or when we were holding hands and David was saying vows he always squeezed and shook my hands by starting saying the vows. It was so funny I wanted to laugh so hardly that I had to bit my lip. :) I asked David later about it and he even didn’t know he was doing it. :)  I was scared if I would say the vows properly so David was whispering the words with me! Ahh, it was funny:)


We did some Czech traditions as to break a plate and we had to clean it up which means we have to work together. The other was at the dinner. The waitress put a table cloth around our necks and tied up. We had to feed each other with soup. That means we have to take care of each other.

We had two cakes! :) One from the Inn and the other my mom baked. You can guess which one was better. :)

It was very nice day and it flew fast. We had the Inn until 4:00pm. After that we went for walk around the Inn where is a beautiful watermill.


After that we went home. Before we visited David’s mom at the Nursing home and all the nurses were wishing us. All the house new about our wedding. Mom was very happy and she said she had such a great time at our wedding. You could see how she was alive and uplifted.

We thought we would go to Boston but we were so tired. We took shower, put pajamas on and sat on the back porch and read the wedding cards. I loved it the most. To read what people were wishing us and that they were happy for us.

My wedding was very special and thank you to everybody who was with us in present or just in your minds. Thank you to my friend Kata who took all these photos. She did very good job! I even don’t need photos from the professional photographer! :)

more photos in my album THE WEDDING and in WEDDING SELECTION


I am very happy to be your wife
and the feeling to be married to you and carrying your name is very good.
yours forever Jana.
svatebni den
2.zari 2007 

bachelorette party

Saturday August 25, 2007

My bachelorette party was really nice. It was just me, my sister, David’s sister and two of my Czech friends.

Duck Tour! I would recommended to everybody! It is really fun! Specially when you are a bride to be. :) Because of that I was aloud to drive the Duck car! But is was just on the water so I didn’t cause any accidents. :) Only the weather was insane! Around 95! Fortunately my sister brought fans for us. But you can see how sweat we were.

Later we went to Masa Restaurant for dinner. It is a really good restaurant. The food is delicious! I have never eaten so good Salmon as there!

David’s sister brought some funny bachelorette staff for me. You can imagine what kind. :)
I had a really good time. It wasn’t anything crazy but that’s how I wanted.
more photos in my album bachelorette party

Sister, thank you very much for organizing this for me!


rozlucka se svobodou
sobota 25. srpna 2007
Rozlucka se svobodou byla super! Nebylo nas moc, jenom, ja, moje segra, Davidova segra a moje dve cesky kamosky Kata a Petra.
Nejdriv jsme sly na Duck Tour (kachni okruzni jizda). Je to pojmenovany po vozidle, ve kterem jsme jely. Je to vozidlo, ktere bylo vymysleno za druhe svetova valky aby se mohlo presunovat jak po sousi, tak i po vode. Myslim,ze se snad nikdy nevyuzilo az se z toho udelala v Bostonu atrakce. :) Ale je to super! Je to legrace! O to vic, kdyz jsem byla budouci nevesta. Segra mi prinesla serpu, kde bylo napsano Bride to be (budouci nevesta), takze vsichni vedeli, ze se budu vdavat. Ridic, co ridil to kachni auto mne nechal ridit, protoz ejsem ta nevesta, i kdyz jen ve vode, ale byla to legrace. Ridili to deti, a pak ja. haha. :) Fakt je to zabava. Jestli nekdy prijedete do Bostonu, tak kachni jizdu vrele doporucuji.
Po jizde jsme se uz jen dopravili do restaurace a dali si mooooc dobre papanicko. Ten den bylo desny vedro, fakt desny! Vedro a dusno. Nas to tak utahalo, ze jsem po veceri ani nemela naladu jit nekam tancovat.

wedding feelings

just two weeks to my wedding and I am pretty calm. :) A lot of people are asking me if I am nervous. I am not really. The only day when it got me was yesterday when I went for hair and make up trial. I know I will be nervous that day. For now it is unimaginable. It is just not real, at least not yet. :)

18.08.07 032 (2)        18.08.07 033 (2)

The other thing is that David’s mom doesn’t feel well. She is fighting cancer for four years and last month was really bad. We really don’t know what’s going to happen and if she will be able to attend the wedding.  So we are not really in the mood for wedding. It is hard for David. I don’t know how he feels because my parents are still young and healthy. So our wedding feelings are changing from happiness to sadness. These days I have been thinking about death and dying more then ever before. But otherwise everything is ready for the ceremony and I look forward to that day. A week ago we went to look at the garden where we are going to be married and it is full of flowers and it looks very nice!


I will even have a bachelorette party. I didn’t want any but David’s sister told me: "you have to have one. I want to go out!" :) She has a baby and she is stuck at home so she will be happy to get out of the house. :) So I said OK, let’s do it! We will do Duck Tour and then dinner. Nothing crazy. It is like with the wedding. the wedding is more for parents to be happy for their child and to thank them for all the support through the years of our adolescence. So the bachelorette party is more for the friends to have fun. :) I’ll post some photos.
svatebni pocity
20. srpna 2007
Jenom dva vikendy do svatby a ja jsem docela klidna. :) Hodne lidi se mne ptalo, jestli jsem nervozni, ze se to uz blizi, ale ja se tak nejak necitim. Jediny den kdy mne to dostalo bylo vcera, kdy jsem sla na zkousku ucesu a make upu. Vedela jsem, ze budu nervni ve svatebni den, ale ted mne to vsechno pripada desne neuveritelny. Jeste to neni realny, jeste ne. :)
Jeden z duvodu proc nejsem nervni je Davidova maminka. Ma rakovinu vajecniku a bojuje s ni uz pres ctyri roky. Posledni mesic byl velice obtizny. Opravdu nevime co se stane, a jestli bude moci prijit na svatbu. Takze nase myslenky nejsou ohledne svatby, ale aby tam maminka mohla byt s nami. Je to hodne tezky pro Davida a neumim si moc dobre predstavit jak se citi, protoze moji rodice jsou relativne mladi a zdravi. Takze nase svatbeni pocity se meni ze dne na den, z radosti do place. Je to velice obtizny obdobi. Nikdy jsem nemyslela tolik nad smrti a umiranim jako ted, nikdy jsem nevidela brecet Davida jako ted. Musi to byt tezky, kdyz nevis, jestli ti mama prezije nebo ne.
Jinak vsechno je prichystany na svatbu a tesim se na svatebni den. Pred tydnem jsme se byli podivat na zahradu, kde budeme oddani a vypada moc hezky! Je plna rozkvetlych kvetin a vypada super!
Taky budu mit posledni rozlucku se svobodou, i kdyz jsem zadnou nechtela, ale Davidova segra mi rekla, ze ji musim  mit, protoze ona je cely den doma s miminkem a od porodu nikam nesla,  a moje rozlucka se svobodou ji to umozni. :) Tak jsem si rekla,ze jo, ze to pro ni udelam. :) Je to jako se svatbou. Svatba je vic pro rodice nez pro zenicha s nevestou. Je to takovy podekovani, ze nas vychovali, a ze jsme dopivani prezili az do doby nasi svatby. :) Takze posledni rozlucku beru taky tak,ze je to vim pro moje pratele, nez pro mne. :)

marriage licence

today we went to town hall for marriage licence.

I put on nice clothes and David ask: "what are you doing? We go just apply for the licence." I knew it but I felt like it is an important thing to do. We can have all the preparations done but if we don’t have the marriage licence we won’t get married! :) I said: "I feel like I am getting married." :)

And I must say it was something. At least for me. :) I didn’t know that after filling all the papers we have to raise our right hands and read loudly that everything what is written is truth. Well that was a short version. I even don’t know what I was reading and if I was pronouncing it well. :)

03.08.07 001

here is David and I filling the papers  (tady jsme jak vyplnujeme papiry)
03.08.07 004


and here is our little witness. :)  (a tady je nas maly svedek)

03.08.07 002

He is not really ours. I was babysitting him. :)  (On neni tak docela nas, jen jsem ho hlidala)


svatebni licence
3. srpna 2007
tento den jsme sli na mestky urad pro svatebni licenci (povoleni). Je to vlastne skoro jako svatba, protoze to je jediny cas, kdy se podepisujeme. O svatbe se uz nic podepisovat nebude.
Jsem se na to hezky oblikla a David se mne zeptal co delam vzdyt jdem jen zazadat o svatebni licenci. Vedela jsem, ze jdem jenom na Mestsky Urad, ale zadost o licenci je dost dulezita, protoze bez toho se nemuzem vzit. :) Sem Davidoj rekla, ze se uz ted citim, jako bych se vdavala. :)
A musim rict, ze to bylo neco. Aspon pro mne jo, protoze jsem nevedela ze po vyplneni vsech papiru musime zvdenout pravou ruku a nahlas cist, ze vsechno se jsme napsali je pravda. To je zkracena verze, ja sem vlastne ani nerozumela co jsem cetla a na co jsem prisahala. Vsechno to bylo napsano pravnickou Anglictinou, a tam moje slovni zasoba dost pokulhava. :)

the wedding preparations


Most of the preparations we did in April and May so were quite relaxed  until now. August will be busy. 

David and I decided on a small family wedding and months later wedding afterparty for our friends and extended family.

The date. First we decided the date which is Sunday, September 2, 2007, the labor day weekend. Just after three years together.

The honeymoon. Haha, that was almost the first thing we have decided right away. Because I won’t be able to leave the United States until my immigration papers are done we will be honeymooning in the U.S. First week we will be lazy at Cape Code and island Martha’s Vineyard, MA. The second week we are flying to Yellowstone park in WY. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

The place. We knew we are not going to have a ceremony at the church so we wanted somewhere outside in the garden. David knew about a very beautiful historical Inn with a garden not so far from Boston. I love it! I’ll tell you about the place after wedding because we want to have a privet ceremony only for invited people. Sorry. :)

The Justice of The Peace. He is great, we met him and talked to him and he showed us the ceremony so we can read it and tell if we like it or not. It was written very well. I have it at home so I can practice what I have to say to David at the ceremony. That is my nightmare. :)

The music. The Inn had a list of performers who can play music for us at the ceremony. And we chose a classical guitarist player. I heard some samples of his music and we couldn’t choose better.

The food. Easy, chicken or beef. :) But very good. The place where we are going to stay are offering wedding package with everything which includes a cake with frosting which I hate! Sorry if I say hate to frosting which most of the Americans like. Specially my fiancee. :) So we are going to have two cakes! And the second cake is going to bake my maminka (mom)!!!!! I can’t wait!

The photos. That was hard for me. Because I love taking photos I have already some ideas how the photos should be taken. So I am worried that I am not going to like it. Also we don’t want to spend crazy money on photographer either. David found one photographer who is going to take photos just of the ceremony and family photos and he will give us just cd. I like this idea because I can crop it or enhance it how I like. Then my friend Kata is going to be the other photographer just in case. :) David was just rolling his eyes. :) I know I have to relax. For sure there will be at least one good photo. :) And the photographers know what they are doing, right? I am probably photographers nightmare costumer, hmm Phil? ;)

The video. Friend of mine who is taking all the salsa performing videos of Noche Latina Dance Company is going to do my wedding video and video projection at the afterparty. And he gave me a good price!!!! How lucky I am! Thank you Joe! 

The invitation. I did it by myself. I bought precut cards with envelopes and printed at home. I’ll show you later because I still have to send them to some of my friends so I want them to be surprised. :)

The rings. Oh, that was nightmare also. :) haha.  I had an idea of a ring before David gave me the engagement ring. Then everything has changed. :) Now I had to look for a ring which would go together with the engagement one. It took me quite a while to choose it and I changed my ideas how the ring should look few times but I have it! David is still looking for one. :)

The flowers. We still don’t have flowers. At the room where we are going to have dinner will be roses. We just have to choose what color. Probably white or some kind of light color. For myself I want just one rose. Maybe with few little flowers around.

The licence. We haven’t done that yet because you have to do it in 60 days before the wedding. I think now we are at that time frame so we should do it and then it will be really official. :)

The hall for afterparty. We are procrastinating here. We haven’t started look at any places yet.

The immigration. It will be mostly after we will get married. For now I had to change my status for fiancee visa. :)

So that’s it. Did I forget anything? Tell me. :)

PS: I must say that David did most of the preparations. Searching for places and people, emailing and talking to everybody. It makes me feel good that he is into the wedding. That he really wants this to happened. Thank you David. I love you so much!


svatebni pripravy

Hodne veci jsme uz zaridili v dubnu a kvetnu, takze jsme byli az do ted v pohode. Srpen zacne bejt rusnej.

S Davidem jsme se rozhodly na maly rodinny svatbe a mesic potom usporadame party pro vsechny.

Datum. Datum byla prvni vec na cem sme se dohodli. Nedele, 2. zari 2007. Presne na tri roky co jsme spolu zacali chodit. je to v nedeli, protoze Amici maj v pondeli statni svatek, den prace.

Svatebni cesta. To byla nase druha vec na ktery jsme se dohodli velice rychle. :) Protoze nebudu moct vycestovat z USA do ty doby nez budou vyrizeny vsechny imigracni papiry, zustaneme na svatebni cestu v Americe. Prvni tyden zustaneme tady v Massachusetts a pojedeme se valet k oceanu na Cape Codu a na ostrove Martha’s Vineyard. To hlavni zacne druhy tyden, kdy si zaletime do Yellowstone parku ve Wyomingu. Uz se nemuzem dockat!

Misto. Vedeli jsme, ze nebudeme mit svatbu v kostele, a oba dva jsme se shodli, ze nekde venku v zahrade by to bylo hezky. David vedel o jednom hezkym na ameriku historickym Innu (hostinci) se zahradou nedaloko od Bostonu. Jeli jsme se tam podivat a od prvni chvile se mi to tam libilo. Takze mame misto.

Oddavajici urednik. Muzes si vybrat koho chces, kdo se ti libi. Dokonce to muze byt i rodinny prislusnik, kdyz si vyzada povoleni na jeden den. Jinak musis mit licenci,ze muzes oddavat. Na naseho jsme dostali doporuceni od Innu, kde budeme mit svatbu. Je ze stejneho mestecka. Nejdriv jsme vlezli na jeho webstranku, precetli si co o nem druzi napsali, a pak ho jeli navstivit. Dal nam precist co nam bude povidat a jak to dlouho bude probihat. Mohli jsme si dokonce neco zmenit nebo to uplne zmenit, ale nam se to libilo, tak jak to bylo. Hruzu mam z toho, ze budu muset po nem nektery veci opakovat, no a to nevim jak to zvladnu. :) Nastesti to mam doma, tak muzu zkouset.  :)

Hudba. Hudbu nam obstara kytarista, ktery hraje klasickou hudbu a nasli jsme ho taky pres Inn. Meli jsme moznost si ho poslechnout z jeho webu a nemohli jsme si vybrat lip. Uz se tesim!

Jidlo. Hostinec (Inn), kde zustavame ma udelanej pro svatby balicek, kde je vsechno zahrnuto. Predkrm, hlavni jidlo, dort, pripitek, kytky, etc. Hlavni jidlo si hoste muzou vybrat bud kureci prsa nebo hovezi steak. Dort tam je, ale pekne hnusnej, a tak se mi mamka nabidla,ze mi upece sama dorta! Uz se tesiiiim! Mnam! :) Takze budeme mit dorty dva!

Fotograf. To bylo pro mne tezky. Protoze rada fotim, tak mam svoji vlastni predstavu ohledne svatebnich fotek. Takze mam hruzu z toho,ze se mi ty fotky nebudou libit. Taky nechceme platit majlat za fotografa, tak David nasel jednoho, ktery nam nafoti jenom obrad a rodinny fotky, a pak nam zasle fotky v elektronicky podobe a my si je vytiskneme sami. Takhle budu mit moznost si je oriznout jak chci ja. Jeste jsem pozadala kamosku Katu aby mi delala druhyho fotografa, pro pripad, ze nebudu happy s profikem. David nade mnou jen mavnul rukou. On nesnasi fotografovani a svatba bude pro nej utrpenim. :) Ja vim, ja vim, mela bych zustat v pohode. Urcite aspon jedna fotka bude dobra. :) A fotografove vedi co delaji, ze? Ja musim bejt pro ne desnej zakaznik. :)

Video. Kamarad, ktery nataci videa pro nasi salsovou skupinu bude natacet obrad a pak i na party udela videoprojekci aby lidi co nebyli na obradu videli jaky to bylo. A dal mi dobrou cenu! Diky!

Oznameni. Tiskla jsem si je sama. Zasla jsme si do specializovanyho obchodu  s prednarezanejma kartama a obalkama a vytiskla si je doma na svy tiskarne.

Prstynky. Nez mi David dal zasnubni prsten, tak jsem mela ideu jak muj prstynek bude vypadat. Pak se vse zmenila a musela jsem hledat prsten, ktery se bude hodit k zasnubnimu prstenu. Tady se totiz nosej oba dva prsteny najednou. Dalo mi to docela praci a nekolikrat jsem zmenila styl, nez jsem prisla na to co se bude hodit. Objednala jsem ho po internetu a jsem s nim spokojena. David porad vybira. :)

Kvetiny. Jeste je nemame vybrany. V mistnosti, kde budeme jist budou ruze, jen musime vybrat jakou barvu. Asi bud chtit bile ruze nebo nejakou svetlou barvu. Pro sebe mam predstavu jedne velike ruze, monza s nejakymi malinkatymi kytickami okolo, jeste nevim. SNazim se to mit jednoduchy a nepreplacany.

Zadost o snatek. No, tak to jsme jeste na mestskym urade nebyli zazadat o povoleni k snatku, ale meli by jsme to rychle udelat. :) Pak uz to bude oficialni.

Spolecensky sal. Tak tady jsme pozadu. Jeste jsme se ani nezacali divat po nejakym sale, kde by mohla byt ta posvatebni veselice. Ani den jeste nemame. Jen vime, ze to bude nekdy v rijnu. :)

Imigracni. Vsechno to papirovani mi zacne az po svatbe. Ted jsem si akorat zazadala o zmenu statusu z turisty na snoubenku. Kdyz jses tady na snoubenecky viza, tak se musis do trech mesicu vdat, jinak te vyhosti. To bych mela stihnout. :)

Tak tot jsou zatim vsechny me pripravy. Musim rict, ze David delal vetsinu z nich. Hledal mista, lidi, mejloval a volal se vsema, a pak to se mnou vsechno konzultoval. Hezky mne tim prekvapil, tak to i vypada,ze si mne fakt chce vzit! :)


the wedding dress


I guess that shopping for wedding dress is all girls dream and nightmare together.

I went to look at some wedding dresses at the beginning of May. I went to David’s Bridal. I tried soooo many dresses! They have quite big selection. My sister and friend were helping me so it went pretty quickly. Men, I tell you, I got sweat! :)

I chose two. They both were very nice and I didn’t know which one to choose. So I took photos, went home, sat at the computer and sent it to my mom, brother and some of mine friends. Oh god, I shouldn’t do it! :) I kind of already picked one and of course everybody liked it the other one! :)

So I was like, whatever, and went by myself to Bloomingdale’s and tried few dresses and I found one. It cost me just $350 and it fits me perfectly and I don’t need any alterations! PERFECT! I haven’t shown it to anybody. :)

After that I went to David’s Bridal again to by shoes, a tiara, a veil and jewelry. And I am done! Everybody said that I was quick! :)

I was glad and lucky that I found what I like quickly and I don’t have to worry about it.

Ok, probably you are curios how the ring looks like. So here it is:



If you would like to you can share with us your engagement ring also by posting it in the guestbook.


svatebni saty


Myslim si, ze nakupovani svatebnich satu je kazdy holky sen a nocni mura zaroven.

Na zacatku Kvetna jsem zasla do svatebniho salonu. V Americe si musis saty koupit, nelze je zapujcit. Je to zvlastni, protoze obleky pro zenichy si zapujcit muzes. Asi je to proto, ze je tady tradici si saty schovat, a pak se na ne nostalgicky chodit divat a doufat, ze jednoho dne je bude mit jejich dcera, coz se vetsinou stejne nestane. :)

Vyzkousela jsem hrozitananskou sumu satu. Narocnej sport, az jsem se u toho zpotila! :) Nastesti tam byla se mnou segra a Kata, a tak to odcejpalo rychle. Stejne jsem uz v hlave mela typ satu, ktery chci anebo spis, ktery nechci, ten princeznovsky se sirokou sukni. To proste nejsem ja.

Nakonec jsem vyselektovala dvoje saty a nemohla se rozhodnout. Tak jsem je vyfotila a poslala emailem mamce, brachoj a nekterym kamaradkam. No, a to jsem nemela delat. :)  V hlave uz jsem mela tak nejak rozhodnuto ke kterym satum se vic priklanim a samozrejme ze kazdej mel radsi ty druhy saty!

Tak jsem si rekla WHATEVER (at si rikaj co chtej), a sla jsem se sama podivat do dalsiho obchodu. Tentokrat to byl normalni obchodni dum, neco jako Prior, kde maj sekci se spolecenskymy saty. A tam jsem nasla jedny, ktery me dokonale sedly, i na dylku, takze nepotrebuju zadny dalsi upravy, coz by stalo dalsich 100 az 200 dolacu. Takhle jsem zaplatila jen 350 dolaru. Ty prvni dvoje saty staly 400 a 600 dolaru + bych musela zaplatit upravy, takze by mne nakonec vysly na jednou tolik nez co mam saty ted.

potom jsem se vratila do toho svatebniho salonu a koupila boty, zavoj, celenku a bizuterii. Nic crazy, jednoduchy. A byla jsem hotova. Ready se vdat. :)

Sem byla rada,ze jsem to takhle rychle zvladla a nasla saty, ktery mi sedej a za prijatelnou cenu.

Ty fotky jsou fotky myho zasnubniho prstynku, kteryho mi dal David.

engagement ~ the story


I guess, everybody is interested how all the engagement went. :)
So here it is. There wasn’t any romantic proposal. It was more like a business meeting. :) I thought that here in the USA the girl have to wait until the man propose her. So I was waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting and waiting more and still nothing was happening until I had to ask him for a talk about our future. And it is just funny how the men don’t think about the future when they are happy in present time. :) So I was talking and explaining my situation here, my staying here as a foreigner, my love for him, everything. And he listened me very carefully, then he agreed and understood what I was saying and then he ask me for some time to think. And then on April 1st he told me he doesn’t want to lose me, that he is happy with me and what we are building together and that he is going to marry me. My sister asked if he wasn’t joking because it was on Fools’ day. :)
David asked me about the ring and I told him, that I don’t need any ring. That it is not common in my country and anyway the ring doesn’t make you sure that you will get married. In my country couples usually just start talk about wedding and then they get married. No engagement rings, nothing like that. Right to the marriage. :)

Two and a half months later we went to White Mountains for weekend and David gave me a ring! I was so surprised! I didn’t expect it at all!!! Really! I really didn’t want any ring and I was happy that way.

So how it all happened: we were sitting in rocking chairs on a veranda of hotel White Mountain Eagle House after delicious dinner and we were talking about the wedding plans and I mentioned few times that we have to look for our wedding bends. And then David said: "when you are talking about the rings I have one for you so we can make it official. "  And he put his hand in his pocket and took out a little box with a ring. It took me a while to realized what he was doing. :) I was just staring at him and staring at him and I didn’t know what to say. I just said:" I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what to do." and David said: " Just try it Hrda." :) Ahhhhh, it was so funny. :) He said that he knows that I don’t want any ring but he thinks that I deserve one. Who wouldn’t love a man like that? :)
Now you tell me your engagement story. :)
Thank you, Jana 

predpokladam, ze vsichni jsou zvedavi jak zasnoubeni probihalo. :)
Tak tady to mate. Neprobihalo zadne romanticke zasnoubeni. David mi neklecel u nohou a nezadal o ruku. Bylo to spis jak pracovni schuzka. :) Porad jsem cekala, ze mne o tu ruku pozada jak je to v Americe zvykem, ale kdyz se nic nedelo, tak jsem ho musela o tu ruku "pozadat" sama. :) Takze jednoho breznoveho dne jsem mu povedela,ze si musime popovidat o nasi budoucnosti. A tak jsem zacala, ze mne to uz nebavi tady byt jako turista, ze nemam nikde domov. Ani v Cechach ani v Americe. Ze nemam v Americe zadny prava. Ze ho moc miluju, ze ho nechci ztratit, ale ze musi chapat moji situaci tady, a ze se musi rozhodnout, jestli si mne chce vzit a budovat spolecnej zivot nebo ze jinak balim kufry a jedu do Cech.
Tak mne pozorne poslouchal, rekl, ze mne rozumi, ze chape moji situaci tady, a ze o tom musi popremyslet, protoze nad budoucnosti moc neuvazoval. Proc taky, ze jo, kdyz ma zenskou doma a nic mu nechybi. :)
Po necelym tejdnu ke mne prisel, a rekl, ze jedno vi jiste, ze mne nechce ztratit. Ze je se mnou rad, a ze se mu libi co spolu budujem. A ze si mne teda vezme. Bylo to na aprila, a kdyz jsem to rikala segre, tak se mne ptala, jestli si David nedela aprilovy zertiky. :)
David se mne ptal na zasnubni prstynek. A tak jsme mu rekla,ze zadnej nepotrehbuju, ze to neni v Cechach zvykem. Stejne ti prstynek nezaruci, ze si te ten chlap vezme. :)
Za dva a pul mesice od "pohovoru" jsme odjeli na vikend na hory a David mi tam dal zasnubni prsten!
Ja z toho byla vyjevene jak pero z gauce! Vubec, ale vubec jsem to netusila! Vubec jsem nevedela co rict! :) No porad to nebylo romanticky, ale prekvapeni to teda bylo. :)
Po vereci jsme sedeli na verande na houpacich zidlich a jen tak mluvili o vsem moznym, taky o svatbe a co jeste vsechno musime pripravit. taky ze jeste nemame snubni prsteny. No a na to David vytahnul z kapsy krabicky, otevrel ji, a rekl: "Kdyz mluvis o tech prstenech, tak tady pro tebe neco mam, aby jsme to udelali oficialni."  A to bylo vsechno. :) Mne to hcvili trvalo nez mi to doslo co prave udelal, protoze jsem na to vubec nebyla naladena. Sem mu rekla,ze nevim co mam rict, ze jsem zaskocena. A on na to rek: "tak si ho zkus Hrda!" :)
Je moc hezkej, moc mne prekvapil. Vybiral ho mesic. Vedel, ze zadnej prstynek nechci, ale ze si mysli, ze si ho zaslouzim.
Tak to je pribeh o mem slavnem zasnoubeni. :)



Jana & David

decided to get married… to be continued :)

na vedomost se dava,

ze se Jana vdava