7/2006 ~ Italy and Italian people

Italy is very very beautiful country. It is one of two countries I was considering to live besides Czech Republic. The other country was England.

Italy has everything. Beautiful nature, rich history, industry and culture.

If I would have to choose in which part of Italy to live I would choose the Northern part then Southern part.

Firstly because North Italy has borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. So you can easily travel! And it is closer to my country.

And secondly North Italy is cleaner then South. I don’t know if it is because Northern Italian are more close to Austria and Austrian people are well known for they clean and nice surroundings. :) Some of North Italy was part of Austria-Hungary Empire. So they might still have a little bit of Austrian cleanliness inside them. :)

People. Italians are crazy everywhere! Doesn’t matter if they are from North or from South. ;) But crazy in good way. I like their hands gesticulation, loud voices and warm welcoming. They very heartfelt people. What I can’t get used to is their concept of time. The afternoon breaks at work when it is closed for four hours. Or when they are not working the day starts around lunch and the real life is at night. :) Oh, Ok, one thing where they are crazy is road. Italians are crazy crazy drivers! Everywhere! I had few time the chance to sit next to Italian driver and I almost died how scared I was. :) 

Italian men. Oh yes! Italians really know how to get a girl! And not only one, all of them! :) They make you feel like you are the most beautiful woman on the earth and they will do whatever to get you. They would call you nicest and sweetest names you can imagine and your heart will melt until they get you. :) Yes Italian men knows how to love and how to be nice to woman. But also Italian men forget quickly because there is sooo many beautiful woman on the earth! ;) I am sure if they want to settle down they are very family oriented.

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OK. That’s it! At the end enjoy watching video of Italian people celebrating their winning of Soccer World Cup 2006!




7/2006 ~ ancient ROMA

On our way back home we did last sightseeing of Roma. At this time it was ancient Roma. I am not going to write a lot of things. You can find a lot of information on the internet.


Roma is so beautiful! We just were running from one thing to another and didn’t have really time to sit and relax. I wish I had more time to be there and feel the city. Just to sit outside in nice cafeteria and watch the murmur of Roma.

More photos in my album Roma.

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Monte Casino is a principal monastery of the Benedictine friary. It was founded c. 529 by St. Benedict. In the World War II. 1944 the monastery was completaly destroyed by American bombers because they thought that the Germans were inside. But Germans decided not to use monastery for defense puropse because of the historical meaning of the place. So they never been inside but they were positioning below the monastery walls.

Caserta Royal Palace is the largest palace in Europe from 18th century and was build for Borbone king. The palace was inspired by Palace of Versailles in France.

The palace has a beautiful park with a lot of fountains and cascades. It is really huge! In the upper part of the park is English Garden which I loved the most.

Naples. I have to say that I was dissapointed. I was expecting beautiful tourist city and instead I was welcomed by noise, polution, dirty streets and a lot of unowned dogs everywhere. :(


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7/2006 ~ Capri

Monday, July 3.
after one day of resting on the beach which was really good we did another trip. Island CAPRI
To get there we had to go to Sorento which is so beautiful town placed on cliffs. It has some magic into it. From there we took ferry to Capri.


First we did cruise around the Island. Capri is a small Island, very rocky and with a lots of caves. I got seasickness. It is not good feeling at all. haha. :)


Then we went for walk. On Capri two roman emperors, Augustus and Tiberius, lived and on the ruins of Tiberius villa a Swedish doctor/writer Axel Munthe build Villa San Michelle. Axel collected in the villa numerous of relics and works of art dating back to ancient Egypt and other periods of antiquity. The garden of San Michelle Villa is so beautiful, calm and I wanted to stay there forever. There is amazing view of Capri.


I have never wanted to live on Island until I saw Capri. If you go to Italy go visit Capri. There is not a lot of historical things but the beauty of the Island will get you.
More photos in my album Capri.


7/2006 ~ Vatican

Saturday, July 1.

My mom won this trip by crossword in a magazine. She could choose a trip to Italy for two people and she chose me. It was a gift for my birthday which I celebrated in February. Thank you maminko!!!! I love you.

We had to go through travel agency which I haven’t done for looong time. I prefer to go by myself to be free what I can do. So it was challenging. So we visited these places: Vatican, Island Capri, vulcano Vesuv, Pompei, monastery Casino, castle Caserta and Roma.

Just to travel by bus from Prague to Roma is a nightmare. try to sit for 21 hours!

We left Prague 10.00 am on Friday and arrived to Rome on Saturday morning around 7.00 am. No hotel nothing, just straight from the bus to Vatican for whole day! We went there by subway and I have to say it wasn’t bad. I can just compare between Prague’s, London’s, Boston’s and Rome’s subways. The best is Prague’s. not just because it is in my country but because it is quite young subway, nice and clean.


I was so tired that when we got to Vatican and I stand on Saint Peter’s square I didn’t realized where I was. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. :) Now when I have timing relationship I really appreciate where I was and now I fully feel the meaning of the place. Vatican is the smallest independent nation in the world.  

We went inside of Saint Peter’s Basilica and on its cupola (dome vault) where we could see a little bit of Rome.


Then we went to Vatican’s museums which are really large and you have to always wait in a lane to get there.It was like 90 degrees and we stayed there for one and half hours. But who wouldn’t stay there if you have the possibility to see the Sistine Chapel? But when we got there through the crowed I was so tired so I wasn’t as excited about the famous chapel. At least I can say I was there. :)

That’s it after that I was dead and I was looking forward to hotel and a beach.

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