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We stopped in London just for few hours between our flights from Boston to Prague. And we are not going to do it again because we were so exhausted! The flight was just six hours overnight  but we maybe slept two if really.

We had 8 hours between flights which left us just with six hours for to get to London and to see something. We took subway from the airport. That took an hour each way so we were really left just with four hours for sightseeing. Which is not much. We saw Tower of London and we took two hours long bus tour.

In Tower of London was quite a long line to get the tickets. It took us at least 30 minutes to get them. They had tourists guides there but you would have to have at least three hours to go with them. The guides are pretty funny and they say a lot of interesting things about England, the royal family, etc. I did the tour five years ago. Well me and David we didn’t have as much time so we were running through it and really stopped just at the White Tower and the Jewel House where they keep Crown Jewels.

The bus tour took us all over the major London’s sightseeing. At least David saw London from the bus. But it is not as the same as walking through the city and have time to sit at cafeterias, pubs and parks, to look inside museums, stores and churches, to feel the city.

Also we were so in rush that we didn’t have time to eat at all. The last meal was breakfast on the plane and then supper on the airport. It was very exhausting and London is just hazy memory in our minds. We have to return for more days for sure.

London is very cool city. People here are more everything. They wear cool clothes not as in Boston. In Boston everybody is boring in theirs suits. Not London. You can find all kind of types of people, all natioanlities living together, specially Camden Town was great. At least from my memories. For super dancing we were going to the club The Fridge. It was the best!
The city is full of life! It has its own puls. As I lived there for ten months I love London very much but it took me a while to feel that way. I needed to walk through it and get to feel it. Live it. And then I loved every piece of it! David loved it right away.

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