this was my first canning ever! After picking two huge bags of apples I decided to can them. Some I shredded and some I made as an apple sauce. I wasn’t alone, my mom was helping me via Skype! Thanks god for the technology! It was almost as if she was here with me. And she is actually coming this Monday! Whohoooo I can’t wait to have my mom here! Canning actually isn’t hard at all! I had fun and at the end I made some strudel. :)

271 (2)

More photos in here.


Apple picking

On Saturday I was enjoying apple picking in Tougas Farm in Northborough, Massachusetts.

It was a lovely sunny day after two days of humid and sticky rain storm. The sky cleared and it was nice and dry with morning chills.

I brought my camera with me but I didn’t check my batteries and of course they were low. So I was able to make just few photos. The rest I took with my cell phone which doesn’t have very good camera. But at least you can see that I had a really good time. :)

Have you all a great week!



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this and that and alaska

Hello my friends. I can’t believe it has been 4 month already since I blogged last time! The time flies by like sound of snapping fingers. Spring is over long time ago and summer is at its peak. It’s been pretty humid in Massachusetts. (it took me years to get the name of my home state right but now I’m good at it! :))
As looking at my previous post lot of things has been happening.  So lets get through them.
First of all on Thursday I got letter from USCIS that I am a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States which made me very happy that I don’t have to deal with the immigration anymore unless I would want to become a US citizen.
Yes, I found a new job. I will start part time in August and full time in September which made me very happy as it wasn’t easy to find it. But I believed in myself that I am good at what I am doing and that somebody will see it and will appreciate it.
I managed to apply for my new Czech passport. It is sitting in Czech consulate in NYC for a months now. I just haven’t been able to get myself to pick it up. I really don’t feel like to go to NYC in summer.

And Yes, I bought a new laptop. It’s Toshiba Satellite 18 inch wide. I went from Dell to Toshiba. Toshiba is OK but I think I liked Dell better. I just got better deal with Toshiba for the money I could spend.

So I’ve done pretty well! The new things what is happening is that we bought a house and the closing day is on August 6. And that’s what keeps me busy nowadays. :) This weekend was my first packing and I only done the glass in my dining room cabinet. :)

And at last I have been in Alaska and it was amazing! Hopefully soon I will post some photos. I’ll post one photo in here and it is of me and Steve Kuskulana whom many of you know as I do through his space On The Trail of Alaska. I was very happy he agreed and made time to meet me and my husband in Anchorage for a morning cup of coffee. Steve, it was pleasure to meeting you and I just wish we would have more time to talk. You were a great company!

ALA10 455

Now it’s time for me to check what have you been up to all these days!

this and that and easter


DSC02058 (2)

Happy Easter

to all of you who is celebrating!

Happy Holidays for the rest of you! :)


Hello all, here in blogland. I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays and having good time with your family and friends or enjoying just yourself. So far I am happy that Spring finally came in New England but last three weeks were pretty challenging. We had three major rain storms every week and it left a lot of  flooding. Luckily we were spared. My mom is long gone back in Czech and I am OK with it by now. Have been busy. Planning vacation to Alaska, renewing my temporary green card for permanent and that means a lot of paperwork a documentations, finding new job as my current will end in June, my computer is dying so I ordered new one and i look forward to getting it and the Easter egg hunt at my sister’s.  Also I have got letter that I am officially married in the Czech Republic as well! Now I need to get new passport with my new name on it and I’ll be all set!

A lot of things is going on, a lot of changes. But, hey, it’s life! :)



yes, I am going on vacation next Friday!!!!!! I can’t wait! That’s why I wasn’t writing or visiting any blog. I am going home after three years and my husband is going with me. For the first time he will see my country, where I come from, my house, my extended family and my friends. Also David has never been in Europe so we will stop on our way in London just for one day to get glimpse of England.

But all the preparations are time consuming and it takes a lot of thinking. I go just for two weeks and my husband just for one week so we have to squeeze a lot of things. I’ll write you some of the things I have to do so you have some idea. :)

– plan family party
– get together with my friends in Prague
– get together with my schoolmates from primary school
– find time to get together with my best friends
– plan trip in London
– get together with friends in London
– borrow three suitcases (i have all my staff still in parents house so I want to take as much as I can to USA)
– rent a car
– plan traveling in Czech
– health insurance while you travel (i found out we have it through our health provider)
– buy a cell phone and pick a cell phone company (my brother is helping me with it)
– to train my friend who will be working instead of me while I am away

etc. I am sure I forgot something. :) It is overwhelming.

Also my husband just got to know that he might loose his job so his mind is somewhere else and he is fighting to make a deal.

But somewhere between of all this I am getting excited! :) I really look forward to see all of my friends and family, specially my brother and his son whom I know just from photos. I hope once we are on the way David will get excited as well.

Czech July 2006 049Prague castle with Charles bridge

Quick note

Hello everybody,
it has been a while….sorry for that. I was spending time with my mom.  I will write all about our trip to Washington D.C. which was really great and it was before the inauguration. Now I have Strep Throat which bothers me for a while now. I am on antibiotics since Saturday so I am starting recover. That awfully I didn’t feel for a looooong time. Thanks to my husband, he took me to see a doctor and he took care of me very nicely. I love you!
So hopefully you’ll see me here more often. :)
Have a great day everybody I am going to eat chicken soup and take a nap! :)



Merry Christmas and happy new year 2009!

My best gift is my mom. She came from Czech Republic to be with me and my sister for Christmas. In my house is such a joy and happiness right know. I wish all of you as happy Christmas as I have because I am really happy person right now! jana

My little nephew Mathew

This is a video of my nephew Matthew. You just have to watch it! It is hilarious!!! Enjoy. Also you’ll need sound to fully enjoy it! :)


Tak tady je video meho synovce Mateje!!!!!! Doufam, ze vsichni mate repraky, protoze k tomu potrebujete zvuk si to plne vychutnat.