Looking at beauty

At a Christmas party I met a girl from South Korea. She was young, 26, and she was in the US studying English. I probably won’t see her anymore but I had very interesting conversation with her. I’ve never realized that anything western is exotic for them. Anything from Europe and the US is “cool”. I’ve never thought the  other way. But why not? Western people are interested in eastern philosophy and lifestyle so why it shouldn’t be the other way? She also converted to be a Christian. But what struck me the most was her question about her eye lids. If she should get surgery to widen her eyes as a lot of her friends over in Korea are doing and it is considering as a trend. I was surprised because she was such a beautiful, sweet young Asian woman with really beautiful face, and because of her friends or media, she felt like she should have an eye lid surgery. So that opened new conversation about beauty and seeing ourselves beautiful. What I just tried to tell her was that she shouldn’t do it just because of somebody told her. I told her that she is beautiful as she is and that I hope she feels like that inside her. That the real beauty comes from within us. She hugged me and smiled at me and said thank you.

I wrote this post in January but I didn’t have time to post it until now. That’s why I wrote:

The only thing I would wish to everybody for the new year is to feel comfortable in their own body and be happy with who they are and not to get smashed by trends and media craziness.

I wrote similar post six years ago called Beauty. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

Also please read a post from my blog friend Jorge who wrote his insight on beauty in  Beauty – At What Prize. Jorge is an excellent writer and a person. Thank you Jorge.


Christmas nostalgia



Today, we put our Christmas tree away. It is so sad here without it. The tree brought us such a joy, light, nice scent of nature and happiness.

Our living room seems to be so empty now. It is good we still have lights in the windows and other decorations.

Slow by slow the Christmas spirit is disappearing,

and we will have to wait, until there is time to look for a tree again.

I am enjoying the rest of the winter even though I am kind of ready for spring. This weekend was quite warm and it felt so good not to be wrapped up from toes to head. Also I have been fighting some stomach flu last week and I tell you it is not fun to have bloating stomach and body aches and chills plus vomiting. I am all better now and I had nice trip to Newport, RI with my mom on Saturday. She will be leaving soon. It is hard to imagine. I got used to her so much. It is very comforting to have her around. It will be hard to let her go.

DSC01651 (2)

I wish all of you happy and healthy year 2010 and I look forward to visit your blog!

Hug and love!


The time I was gone


Hello my friends here in the blogland.

Recently I didn’t have any desire to switch on my computer at all. I didn’t want to be reachable from Facebook, from my email and other reachable devices. lately I felt like I was too much on the computer and not living my life. So instead of staring at the computer at night I sat closer to my husband and enjoyed his presence and warmth.

Also my mom came visit me and my sister for three months so I am spending with her every time I have. She is so precious to me and while I had her for the first time over my house and cooking dinner together I hugged her and started cry from happiness that I have her here. As I live so far from my family and friends I realized how important they are for me and how much I miss them.

So at the thanksgiving I was thankful to have my mom here with me and that she is still relatively healthy and she can visit us. Also I am thankful for all my blog friends who brought me thoughts, wisdom, beauty and happiness through their photos and words and I always am happy to return to their blogs and read some more. So don’t worry, I am still here, I didn’t disappeared. I am just taking my time.

So enjoy the coming holidays without any stress around. Love and hugs, Jana.

The tree

5 years ago I was walking with my friend Polly in this beautiful area in Wellesley, Mass and we took pictures of this tree lit up by the late sun .

Picture 314

Last Sunday I found it again.

I was trying to come at the same time of the day so I can catch the nice light.

I came two weeks earlier then five years ago and to my surprise the leaves were already gone, even from the ground.

So much has changed since my last visit.

5 years ago Polly and I just came to the U.S. and had been living here for few months not knowing what is ahead of us.

I was dating this handsome man just for couple of months.

5 years later I am living with that man and calling him my husband.

And my friend Polly is happily married in Australia with a beautiful daughter.


I was sitting on the bench with my thoughts.

I closed my eyes and listened the wind in the branches. So pieceful. I was glad that I found the place again.

Just across where I was sitting was a beautiful tree which still had colorful leaves.



I walked around and took some more pictures. There are  in my album Trees.

there is only one true home

I am back from my vacation. It was great and it was short.

I haven’t been back home for the last three years. And I would never realized how much I would miss it. The last three years were very busy for me here in the U.S. and I got used to live here. So I was kind of surprised how much I was enjoying Czech and that I really didn’t miss anything from the U.S. life. Really anything!
The only thing I would miss was my husband but he was there with me. It was so strong that I even wouldn’t want to see emails came from America. It felt that the Czech is the right place and nowhere else. Like I am in some between stage of my life, in some dream and I have to wake up and return to Czech.

The first week when I was back in the U.S. I didn’t enjoy anything. Also it was raining and my husband has so bad schedule at work that I don’t see him that often. the worst is he works every Sunday. It just seems to me that I am living meaningless life in here. Going just to work to make some money, not seeing my husband, not having that many friends in here, everybody is busy, no much of vacation. What kind of life is that? I was getting kind of depressed and I didn’t want to get deeper into it so I went to dance West Coast Swing and it made me feel better. It is really good to have a hobby to get you out of bad thinking. I know it will take me time to accept the life in here and be happy again.

I don’t know if every immigrant feels the way as I do. Probably not. I think it depends on the reasons why people immigrate. I am not saying the life in the U.S. is bad. It is just different and the values are somewhere else.

The roots started to grow in one place and it is hard to take them out of the soil and move them somewhere else.
We can live anywhere on the planet but there is only one true home.

As David enjoyed Czech very much, I’ll keep dreaming, that one day we might live there!

Live and Let Die

You know that I love the quote Live and Let Live.


Today I changed the quote for Live and Let Die. Sometimes is so hard to let it go. Let die bad work, relationship, bad friendship or just let die somebody we love and not to hang on them. Just let them go because at certain point it is the best for them. I witnessed two close people dying because of cancer and I think that it is the worst death ever. Cancer  and the chemotherapy made zombies from these two lovely ladies. Firstly you want to fight the illness but when it returns even more aggressively you not always have the strength to fight and even if you have it the illness is bigger then you and it’s too late to do anything. Then you give up and you are ready but the people around you are not and they don’t want to let you go.

I wish it was easy to let go.


Arctic Wolf brought another view of my subject. Euthanasia. What do you think about it? I am sure everybody has a different opinion and it can be very sensitive subject. I already discussed this with some of you in my entry about a movie Million Dollar Baby. I think that euthanasia in some cases might mean rescue.

which season do you like the most?

I love all four seasons but the most I love spring because it brings us a new life. The nature is awakening from winter rest and is all green and full of blossoming trees and  flowers. The air isn’t that hot and humid yet. There are just nice and warm days. People are taking off heavy winter coats and are more smiling at each other.
And which season do you like? Write me what do you like about your favorite season.
Thank youRed rose
5.5.2007 054DSC01842DSC01847DSC01869

Super bowl 2008

I must write what I think about it because I live in Boston. :)

Friend of mine Dita wrote that everybody loves Patriots and everybody wants them to win. I think that it is not true that everybody loves Patriots. I think it is the opposite. The whole America hates Patriots and they were wishing them to loose.

On Patriots it was such a pressure. Can you imagine play under so much pressure from everybody? They had to be perfect. Unfortunately they were not and it is so bad that it had happened in Super bowl. Nobody will remember them as the best team with not loosing 18 games but everybody will remember them as the losers. And I feel sorry for the players because they don’t deserve it. Even Boston Globe was writing badly about them. I couldn’t read it. They should thank them for such a great season.

I agree with Dita that it is just a game and the better team won. I must agree the Giants played better so they deserve to win. And if they wouldn’t win nothing would happened. Nobody would blame them that they lost against unbeaten Patriots. So they would always get out with a pride. But not for Patriots.

What do you think? Thank you Wilted rose


What do you think?

I don’t follow news really so I don’t know what’s going on in the world but friend of mine sent me an article. I read it on Czech web site which was translated from this original I have here. It suppose to be a prognoses what can happen. I thought it was interesting.

EUROPE 2020 ALARM / Global Systemic Rupture
March 20-26, 2006:
Iran/USA – Release of global world crisis


The Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique Europe 2020 (LEAP/E2020) now estimates to over 80% the probability that the week of March 20-26, 2006 will be the beginning of the most significant political crisis the world has known since the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, together with an economic and financial crisis of a scope comparable with that of 1929. This last week of March 2006 will be the turning-point of a number of critical developments, resulting in an acceleration of all the factors leading to a major crisis, disregard any American or Israeli military intervention against Iran. In case such an intervention is conducted, the probability of a major crisis to start rises up to 100%, according to LEAP/E2020.


if you want to continue to read it go on this link: http://www.europe2020.org/en/section_global/150206.htm 
and tell me what do you think.
thank you Wilted rose