Snowshoeing– Jackson Village, White Mountains, NH



Jackson Village is our always destination for White Mountains. It is very cute small village with cute Inns, pubs, restaurants and stores. We stayed at Christmas Farm Inn which is very cute Inn with excellent food!

In the village is Jackson Ski Touring Foundation which is nonprofit trails organization where you can use the trails plus rent skis or snowshoes.

We rented snowshoes and did the Ellis River Trail which is 7.7 km long. Easier rolling terrain along the West Bank of the scenic Ellis River. There are several one-way loops along the trail. We turned back at warming cabin which is found 1.5 km from the trailhead on Green Hill Road.


The whole loop took us just 2.5 hours of slow snowshoeing. We enjoyed ourselves, stopped frequently and took some photos and videos.

This trail is good for relaxed first time snowshoeing, and there weren’t”t that many people as everybody were cross-country skiing.

more photos in album Snowshoeing.




At 3,165 feet (965 m), Mount Monadnock is nearly 1,000 feet (300 m) higher than any mountain peak within 30 miles (48 km) and rises 2,000 feet (600 m) above the surrounding landscape.


It has been said that Mt. Monadnock is the second most hiked mountain in the world after Mt. Fuji in Japan.  Whatever the case may be, if you look around the summit on a summer day, you’ll see scores of kids and adults enjoying the fine views from this very popular peak.  The top half of the mountain is characterized by big slabs and boulders of rock that are fun to climb over.  There are many trails of varying levels of difficulty so there is something here for everyone.  –  Mountain Summits

We were hiking in the October and there were still a lot of people making line on the trail. It is fun hike and I enjoyed it most of it but the crowd makes it less enjoyable. Even more because mostly they are just inexperienced people hiking in their flip flops and underdressed.  At the beginning was quite a nice weather but as it got closer to the summit it was really windy and cold. We were thinking that we took too many things as we have our basic hiking staff and clothes always with us but later we were happy we had it.

There is a lot of trail so we picked the less popular and were almost by ourselves until at the end the trails comes into one and you have to hike with the crowd. And it wasn’t fun at all.  But the mountain is beautiful and the view is gorgeous and it is not that far from Boston.  The whole round hike probably took us around 4 hours but we didn’t rest much because of the people everywhere. Next time we have to hike out of the foliage peak! :)

More photos in Mount Monadnock album.




Glenn Ellis Falls (0.3 miles) and Square Ledge (0.5 miles) are two short and easy trails fun to hike.  Glenn Ellis Falls trail was a little bit challenging because of a deep snow. We didn’t have a snow shoes so we didn’t hike all the way. It was too much of struggle specially for my husband. We just saw a pool and smaller fall covered by snow. Oh well it was still fun! :) The Square Ledge Trail gets steep and slippery just at the end.  The view is nice and it is a relaxing spot to stay and enjoy the view of the mountains as Mt. Washington. Trail starts right across from Pinkham Notch Visitor Center and Glenn Ellis Falls trail starts just 0.8 miles south from the center.


Here is a video of David fighting the snow at the Glenn Ellis Trail and of a woodpecker we met on the way. :)




More photos in Glenn Ellis Falls and Square Ledge album.

MOUNT WASHBURN – Yellowstone Park, WY


This is a short hike 6 miles (9,6 km) up and down. There are two trails to take. One trail is from Dunraven Pass parking area which was closed because of bear activity. The other route that we hiked starts from Chittenden Road parking area. It is on north side of Mount Washburn and follows the fire access road. Mt. Washburn is one of three fire lookout stations in Yellowstone. There is a small visitor center which was good because when we were hiking it was really really windy. The hike wasn’t that bad. It took us just 1 1/2 hours to get to the summit but the wind made it more challenging. David was making video and you can only hear the wind. His voice flew away. :)

I have hiked more difficult trails but I have never been that high. The elevation is 10 243 feet (3 122 meters). 


more photos in my album Mount Washburn

MOUNT WASHINGTON – White Mountains, NH


Our second hike to Mt. Washington.

The first hike was almost three years ago. We climbed in September and it was rainy, cloudy and humid.

This time we decided to hike in different season but it was even worse. :) It was 100% of humidity that it felt like hiking in the greenhouse. It was very hard to breath. It was more like hiking in a rain forest.

We hiked the eastern side of the mountain which is more popular to hike and that brings more people on the trail. Our plan was hike Tuckerman Ravine Trail, connect with Lion Head Trail through Summer Route then connect again with Tuckerman Ravine Tr. until we get the peak. Well, to avoid crowd and have a shortcut we decided to hike Winter Route instead of Summer. The description in our guide book and looking at the map didn’t look as bad as it actually was. :) Our shortcut took us one hour more and it was almost 80 degrees hike up with ropes for support. If you guess there weren’t any hikers. :) It was fun and adventurous but I would suggest to avoid the Winter Road when you hike to the top because it takes a lot of energy out of you. (later we read the guide book again and there was a note that Winter Road is closed during summer. :))

We have got at the top an hour later then other hikers we passed at the beginning, found the summit in the fog, took pictures of us, rest a little bit and took Tuckerman Ravine Trail all the way down.

The whole loop took us 7.45 hours with an hour rest at the peak and few stops during the hike.

I was proud of myself that I have hiked Mount Washington twice! Until we met a guy on our way up who was hiking the mountain all the way to the peak three times in one day! He was already on his second hike to the top when we were still hiking up the top breathing heavily and he was passing us like a mountain goat. :D

more photos in my album Mount Washington

Eagle Mountain – White Mountains, NH

Who doesn’t like long hikes but still wants to hike some peaks Eagle Mountain 1613 ft. is good for that.

Short hike which starts from parking lot of Eagle Mountain House in Jackson village. The trail goes slowly up. An easy hike, only at the end is rocky and steep but just for short time. From top is nice view of Doublehead Mountain. The trail isn’t marked very well but if you focus you’ll find green marks on the trees. Sometime there are made marks from rocks.

We had nice weather, partly cloudy, no wind. And there was nobody else just us which was great!

Up it takes 45 minutes and down 20 – 25 minutes. So it is really short hike. :)


more photos in my album Eagle Mountain

Arethusa Falls – White Mountains, NH


Another short hike. It is part of a loop or you can hike it by itself.

We hiked just the Arethusa Falls Trail at the end of December. It is an easy hike with moderate upraise. It was a little bit slippery and we should have some ice devices for our shoes. At least we had trekking poles which helped a lot. That is always in our back pack.

The Arethusa Falls are 200 ft high and are the highest falls in New Hampshire. They are beautiful!There were some climbers climbing up the falls.

The Arethusa Trail is long 1.3 miles (2.1 km) and it takes around two hours up and back.

On our way back we took Bemis Brook Trail which goes back to Arethusa Trail. The trail goes by brook with little cascades which was nice to watch.

Doublehead – White Mountains, NH


A great hike on a great mountain! We really liked this hike.

Doublehead is actually two mountains. South Doublehead 2939′ and North Doublehead 3053′.

The whole loop was 2.6 miles (4.16 km) long and it takes around 2.45 – 3.00 hours.

The loop has two ways how to hike:  Ski Trail and New Path. We started hike up from the New Path because it is steeper then the other path and it is easier to claim up then down. At least for my knees. :)

From both summits is beautiful view.

It is short but challenging hike. We really enjoyed it!

WHITE LEDGE – White Mountains, NH



Last weekend I and David went to White Mountains again. It wasn’t best time to go because of the rain. It was raining whole weekend so Saturday was lazy day, just lying in the bed, shopping in North Conway and watching baseball, football and hockey. We stayed in Eagle Mountain House in Jackson village. We loved that place so we go there every time when we are in White Mountains. 

On Sunday was still raining and windy (the wind was 120 m/h on the top of Mt. Washington) and we almost didn’t do anything. We changed our plan from one day hike to 3 hours hike. We chose WHITE LEDGE LOOP 4.2 miles (6.2 km) because it was most of the time in the forest so we were protected from wind.


Because of the 10 days constant raining the trail has changed into a little stream. Fortunately the weather was merciful to us so we had sunshine for short time and we saw rainbow!


On the top of the ledge was beautiful view. Well we didn’t see a lot but even that little was nice!

The hike wasn’t difficult and I could suggest to everybody even not regular hikers to do it. You just have to have warm, windbreak and waterproof clothes to protect yourself at this time of the year and don’t forget to take hiking stick! We underrated the needs of hiking stick and we needed when we were crossing the creek. Well you never know when you will need it. It is always good to have with you.

More photos in my album White Ledge.