Oscar for Czech musician

Irish and Czech musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova got Oscars for their song "Falling Slowly" from movie Once.
Nobody really knew about this young 19 years old Czech girl until this movie. Now she is the most famous singer in the Czech Republic!
Congratulations to you Marketa!!!!!!
Now I have to watch the movie. :) 

Czech politicians exchange blows – Czech smackdown

Probably a lot of people saw this yesterday at the news because I saw it on channel 7 at 11.00pm.
This is how Czech politicians represents our country:



From BBC:
Czech Health Minister David Rath has been in a punch-up with his right-wing rival, Miroslav Macek, during a meeting of disgruntled dentists in Prague.

Mr Macek, a presidential adviser and former deputy PM who is also a dentist, broke off an address to slap Mr Rath hard on the back of the head.

Mr Rath responded by calling him a coward and the two men traded blows.

This rare case of violence in Czech politics comes two weeks before highly anticipated parliamentary elections.

The meeting of dentists, at which Mr Macek was moderator, took place at the start of a period of planned protest against Mr Rath’s policies, dubbed "A Week of Healthcare Unrest".

But, says BBC Prague correspondent Rob Cameron, no-one had envisaged the unrest going quite this far.


Mr Macek took the stage to begin the discussion.

But before he did so, he explained to the audience there was a private matter he had to settle with Mr Rath first.

He walked up behind him and slapped him, hard, on the back of the head.

The audience watched in amazement as a stunned Mr Rath rose and made to leave.

But then the health minister turned on his heels, walked up to Mr Macek and called him a coward.

Mr Macek responded by hitting him again, and the two men began throwing punches.

Mr Macek explained he slapped Mr Rath because he made comments about his wife.

But this incident between two senior politicians comes less than two weeks before parliamentary elections.


When I saw it the first time I couldn’t believe my own eyes! This is in my country! NO!
Only in my country can happened something like that.
It is funny and sad together. Czech politicians are like little boys playing on the playground. :)
At least we have good hockey players when we don’t have well mannered politicians.
On Sunday was last day for World Championship in hockey. The Czech Republic was in the final with Sweden. We lost but I congratulate them for the silver medal because nobody believed our team they can made it because all the NHL Czech stars didn’t come. I am proud of you! Thank you.
I can’t be proud of Czech politicians. :)

The first of May

The first of May is time of love in my country.
As you have February 14th we have May 1st and I think it makes sense. It is spring, girls wears skirts, sexy tops, the nature is blossoming and the animals are crazy for babies as well. :)
So I can feel the love in May not in February. :)
We have a very nice tradition. The kiss under the blossoming cherry tree. Girls have to be kissed under the cherry tree so they wouldn’t get dry and they will stay as beautiful and young as they are. I like it. It is very romantic. So if you are in the Czech Republic today you will see all the kissing couples under the cherry trees.
I am worried that today I won’t be so lucky because I am not going to see my boyfriend, perhaps I can asked some of my friends. :)
So boys and men go and kiss your wives, girlfriends, moms and grand moms. You will see they’ll be happy. :)

 The first of May is very closely connected with our very famous Czech romanticism poet Karel Hynek Macha (11.16.1810 – 11.5.1836).
This is the masterpiece of the Czech romanticism:
Karel Hynek Mácha: Máj (May)
Beginning verses, translation by Edith Pargeter

Late evening, on the first of May –
The twilit May – the time of love.
Meltingly called the turtle-dove,
Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.
Whispered of love the mosses trail,
The flowering tree as sweetly lied,
The rose’s fragrant sigh replied
To love-songs of the nightingale.
In shadowy woods the burnished lake
Darkly complained a secret pain,
By circling shores embraced again;
And heaven’s clear sun leaned down to take
A road astray in azure deeps,
Like burning tears the lover weeps.


The complete poem and its English translation are available at www.lupomesky.cz/maj/may.html

Easter in Czech

I miss Easter in my country. We celebrate Easter differently then here.
The traditions is before Christianity.
On Easter boys and men cut young rods from willow trees and made whips. The easiest whip is made from three rods, but it can be braided from 8, 12 or even 24 rods.

Then the boys go house by house where the girls live and sing Easter carols. After that they whip (just symbolically) the girls. Whipping brings good luck, wealth and rich harvest for the whole year. The strength and youth from the rods is passed onto the person whipped. Then the girls put colorful ribbon on the whip and give eggs to boys. How many ribbons the boy has that means how many girls he visited. :)
It is just shortly described how it is. It is very happy and social meeting and everybody enjoys it.
Me and my sister did some coloring eggs with wax. You can see them in the Easter Eggs photo album .
Coloring eggs is very traditional thing in the Czech Republic and it has several techniques how to decorate the eggs. These photos I took from Czech web magazines:


OK. Today Czech hockey team lost the chance to play for gold. But today as satisfaction for Czech fans KATERINA NEUMANNOVA won gold medal on 30km free style cross country skying!!!!! No body really believed her because she was sick and here is she!!!! She has already bronze medal from the Olympic games. Congratulations Katka and thank you!!!!!!
Katerina is with the number 2.


Katka at the end.


And with her daughter Lucie.


Czech hockey team is in semifinal on the Olympic games!!!!!!

Czech Republic is a small country but we have one good thing and it is hockey. A lot of Czech hockey players play in NHL. For sure everybody knows Jagr and Hasek.
In hockey we have chance to win Olympic gold.
We are in semifinal now when we beat team from Slovakia 3:1. I was quite surprised we won because our previouse games were totally fiasco and I was ashamed of our team.
Then I don’t know what happened and we won. Maybe because of ours countries history.
As some of you know The Czech Republic and Slovakia were one country named Czechoslovakia since 1918 until 1992 broken once when Fascists made protectorate of Czech and Moravia. Then Slovakia wasn’t happy to be part of Czechoslovakia because they felt they are as the second nationality and everybody knew only about Czech and Prague so they wanted to split. It was quiet split, not war anything and since 1993 we are Czech Republic and Slovakia. We still have a very good relationship between us. (maybe one day I will write more about Czech history)
So maybe because of ours Czech and Slovak past the Czech hockey team finally awaked and played good hockey. It was very good hockey game to watch. And I wouldn’t be mad if Slovak would win because I am half Slovakien because my dad is Slovak. :)
The commentators on the TV have already made their choice for finall. They think it will be Czech and Russia. I don’t want to say anything because Czech team is unpredictable. :)

 Martin Rucinsky put the first goal.
Jaromir Jagr and Milan Hnilicka after they won.


OK. We lost 3:7. That is a big difference! We are the last World Championship winners but we didn’t play like that. Well, as I said, Czech team is unpredictable. But we still have a chance to get the bronze medal! :D



Czech wedding

My brother got married and here are some of his photos which took my sister.



I was so sad I couldn’t be there but I was talking to him the second day after wedding. He got drank and he was sick afterwoods but Lenka, his wife now, was sleeping so she didn’t mind that. :))) So where is the first night? ;)

They did the preparation just for two months because they didn’t want to be stressed about it for long time but at the end when the ceremony started they were. You can do whatever you want but it is big day in your life and the stress just come out. :)))


here is how is usually the wedding in Czech republic. I already wrote that in entry about my sister’s wedding I just added some more things:

We don’t have any showers and rehearsals, usually the couples didn’t get engaged either. They just get married and the girl doesn’t have the engagement ring with the diamond. Just one ring from the wedding. :)

The bride doesn’t have to buy her dress she rents it in a wedding rental agency. Anyway you wear it only once so why to keep it?

The couple meet before the Church. Usually the groom goes to pick up the bride at her house. Sometimes the bride hides and the groom has to find her. :) Then they go together to the Church.


At the celebration we do few traditional things:

The first is to crush a plate on the floor and the groom had to sweep it with the broom and the bride is holding a dustpan. This means they should share the housework together.



The second tradition is eating a soup together from one plate and their necks are  tie together with table cloth and they feed each other. That means they should take care of each other.

The third is to kidnap the bride. Usually friends do that and hide her at some other restaurant and the groom has to find her and pay for the drinks. :)

The fourth is that a friend (usually a man) changed to a woman and brings a baby (a dolly) with him and telling the groom that it is his baby and he is married with another girl. The point of this comedy is to collect money for the baby from the wedding quest so the woman will leave. Of course all the money will go for the married couple. :)

There is more traditions. I will put some more when I remember. :)


The wedding is usually whole day. You have launch (which is dinner, the main meal in my country) and then supper. If you don’t have enough money to invite all your friends for whole wedding, then they just come in the afternoon for the supper which is usually buffet. The people don’t mind and they aren’t insulted. Usually beer and wine is free, all other you have to pay. That is all in short description. :)


my brother didn’t do it in the traditional way. They had just the broken plate and friends kiddnaped the bride. The food was all as a buffet and people were walking and eating when they wanted it.


Czech Christmas

Today is snow storm here. The kids don’t go to school, people are scared to drive and everybody is shoveling. I like it!
***It is NICE to see the flying snowflakes!***
Everybody has already their Christmas trees and all the decoration since last weekend. Some houses are over decorated. :)

In my country it is different. We put the tree up in the morning at the Christmas day which is for us the 24th.  And we get the gifts in the evening after dinner. You shouldn’t eat all day and wait for dinner otherwise you wouldn’t see a gold pick. That is our tradition, I don’t know why. :)
 We don’t have Santa Clause. We have a little Jesus who flies through open window and brings us the gifts. You can’t see him otherwise he would be scared and he would fly away. :) We know that he was there when we hear a sound of a little bell. That usually our mom or dad do it.
Nobody can see the little Jesus so nobody knows how he looks like. It is just in your imaginations.
The tree usually stays up until January 6 when is the three kings day or even longer. In my family we have it whole January.
This year my family had the Christmas in November because my sister came home to visit them. The photos are from that. Of course they going to have another Christmas at the proper time. :)
So that was just a little about Czech Christmas.
Do you have some of your special traditions? Share that with us.


All right! I have seen Vaclav Klaus The President of the Czech Republic!!!!!

After his speech I ran to the lobby if I can catch him there and he was there! So I just went to him and asked him if I can take photo with him. I was so stressed as you can see on the photo (my smile is very “natural” :)) and my body and voice were shaking.  He said yes and shake hands with me and he asked me few questions. I wasn’t really able to talk. I just said: “Have a good flight back to Czech Republic.” He said: “Thank you.” and  I ran away. :)
Here is my sister with friends. He said that he was happy to take photo with so nice girls. :)))

It it just amazing experience and you realized that they are just normal people as we are.
Have you ever met any President in person? Do you have the same experience as me?
More photos in my album Meeting Vaclav Klaus