Snowshoeing– Jackson Village, White Mountains, NH



Jackson Village is our always destination for White Mountains. It is very cute small village with cute Inns, pubs, restaurants and stores. We stayed at Christmas Farm Inn which is very cute Inn with excellent food!

In the village is Jackson Ski Touring Foundation which is nonprofit trails organization where you can use the trails plus rent skis or snowshoes.

We rented snowshoes and did the Ellis River Trail which is 7.7 km long. Easier rolling terrain along the West Bank of the scenic Ellis River. There are several one-way loops along the trail. We turned back at warming cabin which is found 1.5 km from the trailhead on Green Hill Road.


The whole loop took us just 2.5 hours of slow snowshoeing. We enjoyed ourselves, stopped frequently and took some photos and videos.

This trail is good for relaxed first time snowshoeing, and there weren’t”t that many people as everybody were cross-country skiing.

more photos in album Snowshoeing.


Charles River Walk, Watertown, MA


One of the most beautiful walks I have walked in any time of the year, but the best is to walk it in fall. It is a short loop with paved path, easy to walk, run or bike. You’ll meet all kinds of people there. Retirees walking with their canes, students chatting at picnic tables, runners and bikers getting their workout done, kids running around and looking at birds, trees, turtles, ducks and gees, fishermen who try to catch some fish, and me taking pictures of the beautiful foliage.

This pictures I took in October 2009 on a perfect sunny day with the sun just at the right angle to go through the leaves and make them shine in their best color. I thought you might enjoy the photos as I did the walk.

If you will be visiting Boston and have a little time, stop by to relax or exercise, you won’t regret it. The loop is not that far from Watertown square, between streets of Galen, California, Bridge and Pleasant.

More photos in Charles River album

A big week for Boston


Boston is really truly sports town. What a week for Bruins, Boston’s hockey team! I enjoyed watching the playoffs even though at times  I was very nervous but as the series went on I believed in them more and more. I am not here to write any comprehensive essay about it. It just that I am very happy and proud for them.

I guess it was destiny that I picked Boston when I came to the United States. :) My first year in the U.S. the Red Sox won the World Series after 86 years. In 2007 I got married and the Sox won again and now the Bruins won after 39 years!  Then there are Celtic which won 2008 and of course Patriots who won in 2004 and 2005.


I grew up watching sports as my dad is a big sports fan. From all those championships hockey it the most close to me as hockey is really big in the Czech Republic. Then my husband is a real Bruins fan as he lived whole his life in Boston and I am living here for 7 years so Boston feels like second home to me. Plus two Czech players David Krejci and Tomas Kaberle play for Bruins. And I can’t forget the Bruins captain Zdeno Chara who is Slovakian as I am half Slovak after my father. So it was very exciting for me to watch the playoffs and cheer for the Bruins. Also thanks to the rest of the team with in front of couch Claude Julien and goalie Tim Thomas as the most valued player. There is no doubt that  without him it would be hard to win.


here are some highlights:

The Best of 2011 Playoffs

Locker Room Celebration

Looking at beauty

At a Christmas party I met a girl from South Korea. She was young, 26, and she was in the US studying English. I probably won’t see her anymore but I had very interesting conversation with her. I’ve never realized that anything western is exotic for them. Anything from Europe and the US is “cool”. I’ve never thought the  other way. But why not? Western people are interested in eastern philosophy and lifestyle so why it shouldn’t be the other way? She also converted to be a Christian. But what struck me the most was her question about her eye lids. If she should get surgery to widen her eyes as a lot of her friends over in Korea are doing and it is considering as a trend. I was surprised because she was such a beautiful, sweet young Asian woman with really beautiful face, and because of her friends or media, she felt like she should have an eye lid surgery. So that opened new conversation about beauty and seeing ourselves beautiful. What I just tried to tell her was that she shouldn’t do it just because of somebody told her. I told her that she is beautiful as she is and that I hope she feels like that inside her. That the real beauty comes from within us. She hugged me and smiled at me and said thank you.

I wrote this post in January but I didn’t have time to post it until now. That’s why I wrote:

The only thing I would wish to everybody for the new year is to feel comfortable in their own body and be happy with who they are and not to get smashed by trends and media craziness.

I wrote similar post six years ago called Beauty. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

Also please read a post from my blog friend Jorge who wrote his insight on beauty in  Beauty – At What Prize. Jorge is an excellent writer and a person. Thank you Jorge.

Winter wonderland

Massachusetts and most of New England got real feel of winter this season. Since January it is snowing almost every week! I would say we have around 1 meter of snow. It looks great but it is hard to drive in it. And there is more coming on Saturday. As I don’t mind snow I hope this craziness will end soon or I will use all of my vacation to cover storm days. :)


more photos in Winter wonderland album


this was my first canning ever! After picking two huge bags of apples I decided to can them. Some I shredded and some I made as an apple sauce. I wasn’t alone, my mom was helping me via Skype! Thanks god for the technology! It was almost as if she was here with me. And she is actually coming this Monday! Whohoooo I can’t wait to have my mom here! Canning actually isn’t hard at all! I had fun and at the end I made some strudel. :)

271 (2)

More photos in here.

Apple picking

On Saturday I was enjoying apple picking in Tougas Farm in Northborough, Massachusetts.

It was a lovely sunny day after two days of humid and sticky rain storm. The sky cleared and it was nice and dry with morning chills.

I brought my camera with me but I didn’t check my batteries and of course they were low. So I was able to make just few photos. The rest I took with my cell phone which doesn’t have very good camera. But at least you can see that I had a really good time. :)

Have you all a great week!



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19.- 26.6.2010

ALA10 776 (2)

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and I saw just a very small fraction of it. But even that small fraction was AMAZING!

Our travel itinerary began in Anchorage where we rent a car and drove down to Seward. Seward is a cute coastal town. From there we took a 6 hours glacier cruise tour. The tour was great! We saw a lot of animals, beautiful coastline and the most (at least for me) glaciers.  I didn’t see that many of the animals because I had a motion sickness. Really, really bad one! I admit I threw up twice! Once I was lucky to make it to a trash bin. I hugged it and hold on to it with all my life and didn’t care about anybody. David tried to convince me to go to bathroom. haha. I couldn’t move at all! :D

It’s just amazing how the sickness disappears when you step out of the boat. :)

From Seward we went back to Anchorage and on the way we stopped at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which mission is to provide refuge for orphaned, injured, and ill animals-those that can’t survive in the wilderness.

In Anchorage I met with Steve which I mentioned in my previous entry. It was very pleasant meeting and Steve was my second space friend I have met! You should check his website On The Trail of Alaska. He is living in Alaska and has an amazing photos on his blog! A little story. The night before I met Steve for a morning cup of coffee, I fell on a night stand in our hotel room and hit back of my head when I was trying to sit down on a bed. I had a pretty big headache which last for two more days. I didn’t sleep that well and in the morning my head was pulsing with pain. I looked awful.

Then we went to tiny town Talkeetna where we took a flight tour around Mt. McKinley (in Alaska they call it just Denali). Talkeetna is very cute town. It’s full of tourists and people who are trying to hike Mt. McKinley. Historic downtown is just one street.

From there we drove straight to Denali National Park. You have to take a bus to see the park. They don’t let cars in. We stayed two nights in Kantishna Roadhouse.  We spend two days on the bus to get in and out of the Park. The bus ride is very informative and the driver tells a lot of information about the Park and stops to see animals. On these rides we saw the most animals.  The only one day we had at Kantishna we did a short hike around the Roadhouse with a guide.  I’ll let the pictures talk more.

After that we drove just to Fairbanks for the night and flew back to Boston.

Alaska’s highlights. The best was to see: the glaciers, wolfs, bears, moose with little calf, running caribou in a shallow river and just trees, trees, trees everywhere. It was like pine needle trees jungle! And always day light, all the time! :)
The worst to remember: motion sickness on the boat. Hit my back of my head, had a headache for another two days. :) And tired tired tired, but it was all worth it! :D

I’ll never forget my Alaska trip.

Some photos so you can get a glimpse of Alaska.

this and that and alaska

Hello my friends. I can’t believe it has been 4 month already since I blogged last time! The time flies by like sound of snapping fingers. Spring is over long time ago and summer is at its peak. It’s been pretty humid in Massachusetts. (it took me years to get the name of my home state right but now I’m good at it! :))
As looking at my previous post lot of things has been happening.  So lets get through them.
First of all on Thursday I got letter from USCIS that I am a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States which made me very happy that I don’t have to deal with the immigration anymore unless I would want to become a US citizen.
Yes, I found a new job. I will start part time in August and full time in September which made me very happy as it wasn’t easy to find it. But I believed in myself that I am good at what I am doing and that somebody will see it and will appreciate it.
I managed to apply for my new Czech passport. It is sitting in Czech consulate in NYC for a months now. I just haven’t been able to get myself to pick it up. I really don’t feel like to go to NYC in summer.

And Yes, I bought a new laptop. It’s Toshiba Satellite 18 inch wide. I went from Dell to Toshiba. Toshiba is OK but I think I liked Dell better. I just got better deal with Toshiba for the money I could spend.

So I’ve done pretty well! The new things what is happening is that we bought a house and the closing day is on August 6. And that’s what keeps me busy nowadays. :) This weekend was my first packing and I only done the glass in my dining room cabinet. :)

And at last I have been in Alaska and it was amazing! Hopefully soon I will post some photos. I’ll post one photo in here and it is of me and Steve Kuskulana whom many of you know as I do through his space On The Trail of Alaska. I was very happy he agreed and made time to meet me and my husband in Anchorage for a morning cup of coffee. Steve, it was pleasure to meeting you and I just wish we would have more time to talk. You were a great company!

ALA10 455

Now it’s time for me to check what have you been up to all these days!