– just trying to live by my favorite quote –

I lived my life in the Czech Republic, then I moved to England and now I’m stuck in the Unites States. And that’s what my blog is about. Living in the USA, traveling, and some of my thoughts on everyday life which caught my attention.
Please excuse my English and writing mistakes as English is my second language.
Interests: traveling, nature, flowers, photography, dancing, poems, listening trees, lying down in the grass and looking at the sky, reading books, to think about anything, to see the world through kids eyes
I do post randomly as my busy life won’t let me post regularly. As a mom, wife, and part time nanny my days have been busy, and I am trying to squeeze Bikram yoga, gym, and West Coast Swing dancing here and there.
The best for following my blog would  be to subscribe by email which you can do at the bottom of my page.
I hope you will enjoy yourself here. Thank you for coming. Jana.

And if you want to get to know me better, click below.

Once upon a time…

5 quirky things about me

Why I wrote stuck



  1. Hi Jana, just dropping by,… I think you changed your theme since my last visit!… and I got a little lost as to which was your most recent post.. .. Looks like you live a very Busy Life.. ENJOY!!! and Thank you for visiting Dreamwalkers.. Hugs Sue xx

  2. You have a wonderful site here Jana, I wasn’t aware you could do so much here at wordpress. I will have to come back when it is not so late.

  3. Happy to hear from you! Your site looks great. Moving here from ‘spaces’ was not difficult. Once the decision was made the rest is easy.

    Your remark concerned self-knowledge. Here are more mindfull words from a great teacher.

    Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge. So it is incumbent on me to know my self, to know it completely, to know its minutiae, its characteristics, its subtleties, and its very atoms.
    Kahlil Gibran

    • thank you for your nice words about my site! I like it in here.

      self knowledge for me is a life journey. And as I am getting older I am thinking about it more and more.

      Thank you for this wisdom words Eddie.

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