Charles River Walk, Watertown, MA


One of the most beautiful walks I have walked in any time of the year, but the best is to walk it in fall. It is a short loop with paved path, easy to walk, run or bike. You’ll meet all kinds of people there. Retirees walking with their canes, students chatting at picnic tables, runners and bikers getting their workout done, kids running around and looking at birds, trees, turtles, ducks and gees, fishermen who try to catch some fish, and me taking pictures of the beautiful foliage.

This pictures I took in October 2009 on a perfect sunny day with the sun just at the right angle to go through the leaves and make them shine in their best color. I thought you might enjoy the photos as I did the walk.

If you will be visiting Boston and have a little time, stop by to relax or exercise, you won’t regret it. The loop is not that far from Watertown square, between streets of Galen, California, Bridge and Pleasant.

More photos in Charles River album



  1. Jana, Happy New year,

    It has been so long since last time. i see it was post in last fall after you had walk in beautiful co.lours. Hope you doing well in the past holiday season.
    Next post would be a beautiful spring?:)
    all the best,

  2. Jana I went and had a look and you are so right about the light catching just right for beautiful colors. I can see why that would be a favorite place for a walk in the fall. Stunning fall photos Thanks for sharing it.

    • Dear Carrie,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I was walking there the other day but this fall is so strange and each tree changes color at different time. Now I am starting to think that I might not get the same pictures anymore as so many factors are included. So I am very lucky I got it in 2009.
      Thank you for coming by my site even when I’m not here as often as I wish I could.

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