Looking at beauty

At a Christmas party I met a girl from South Korea. She was young, 26, and she was in the US studying English. I probably won’t see her anymore but I had very interesting conversation with her. I’ve never realized that anything western is exotic for them. Anything from Europe and the US is “cool”. I’ve never thought the  other way. But why not? Western people are interested in eastern philosophy and lifestyle so why it shouldn’t be the other way? She also converted to be a Christian. But what struck me the most was her question about her eye lids. If she should get surgery to widen her eyes as a lot of her friends over in Korea are doing and it is considering as a trend. I was surprised because she was such a beautiful, sweet young Asian woman with really beautiful face, and because of her friends or media, she felt like she should have an eye lid surgery. So that opened new conversation about beauty and seeing ourselves beautiful. What I just tried to tell her was that she shouldn’t do it just because of somebody told her. I told her that she is beautiful as she is and that I hope she feels like that inside her. That the real beauty comes from within us. She hugged me and smiled at me and said thank you.

I wrote this post in January but I didn’t have time to post it until now. That’s why I wrote:

The only thing I would wish to everybody for the new year is to feel comfortable in their own body and be happy with who they are and not to get smashed by trends and media craziness.

I wrote similar post six years ago called Beauty. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

Also please read a post from my blog friend Jorge who wrote his insight on beauty in  Beauty – At What Prize. Jorge is an excellent writer and a person. Thank you Jorge.



  1. Hi Jana I am back at the ranch and trying to catch up with a few people. I have a friend who is from Russia and is going back there to have cosmetic surgery. Evidently it is the thing to do there. She isn’t even 45 yet and feels she needs it. It really is ashame how people are changing themselves. Soon everyone would look identical then where is the beauty in being different. God knows we all have things we would love to change, but excepting how our appearance is who we are is learning to except yourself. Well Happy Spring Hugs Carrie

  2. Hi Jana, I totally agree, we all too often feel that we should conform to what is set as a trend, We should each of us be proud of being Unique in the body we are in..

    Wishing you a wonderful Weekend.. be forever well, and I am so pleased you are comfortable within your own body .. :-) ~Dreamwalker~

  3. Hi Jana,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comment. Thanks also for reviewing older blogs – that was nice!
    I agree that happy being who we are is ideal, but that takes some time for many, especially the young.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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