19.- 26.6.2010

ALA10 776 (2)

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and I saw just a very small fraction of it. But even that small fraction was AMAZING!

Our travel itinerary began in Anchorage where we rent a car and drove down to Seward. Seward is a cute coastal town. From there we took a 6 hours glacier cruise tour. The tour was great! We saw a lot of animals, beautiful coastline and the most (at least for me) glaciers.  I didn’t see that many of the animals because I had a motion sickness. Really, really bad one! I admit I threw up twice! Once I was lucky to make it to a trash bin. I hugged it and hold on to it with all my life and didn’t care about anybody. David tried to convince me to go to bathroom. haha. I couldn’t move at all! :D

It’s just amazing how the sickness disappears when you step out of the boat. :)

From Seward we went back to Anchorage and on the way we stopped at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which mission is to provide refuge for orphaned, injured, and ill animals-those that can’t survive in the wilderness.

In Anchorage I met with Steve which I mentioned in my previous entry. It was very pleasant meeting and Steve was my second space friend I have met! You should check his website On The Trail of Alaska. He is living in Alaska and has an amazing photos on his blog! A little story. The night before I met Steve for a morning cup of coffee, I fell on a night stand in our hotel room and hit back of my head when I was trying to sit down on a bed. I had a pretty big headache which last for two more days. I didn’t sleep that well and in the morning my head was pulsing with pain. I looked awful.

Then we went to tiny town Talkeetna where we took a flight tour around Mt. McKinley (in Alaska they call it just Denali). Talkeetna is very cute town. It’s full of tourists and people who are trying to hike Mt. McKinley. Historic downtown is just one street.

From there we drove straight to Denali National Park. You have to take a bus to see the park. They don’t let cars in. We stayed two nights in Kantishna Roadhouse.  We spend two days on the bus to get in and out of the Park. The bus ride is very informative and the driver tells a lot of information about the Park and stops to see animals. On these rides we saw the most animals.  The only one day we had at Kantishna we did a short hike around the Roadhouse with a guide.  I’ll let the pictures talk more.

After that we drove just to Fairbanks for the night and flew back to Boston.

Alaska’s highlights. The best was to see: the glaciers, wolfs, bears, moose with little calf, running caribou in a shallow river and just trees, trees, trees everywhere. It was like pine needle trees jungle! And always day light, all the time! :)
The worst to remember: motion sickness on the boat. Hit my back of my head, had a headache for another two days. :) And tired tired tired, but it was all worth it! :D

I’ll never forget my Alaska trip.

Some photos so you can get a glimpse of Alaska.



  1. i come here trough Wolf’s space
    i love that foto. seems i need to visit one day
    everything is so fresh ( lol cold i mean)
    i need to come in summertime cos im not that fond of cold
    Tx Jana for sharing

    • Hello Marijke!
      Thank you for stopping by! You would definitely love Alaska! And summer is really nice. We had such a great weather!
      I am glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you again.

  2. Jana, i am glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip to Alaska from lower states. i could understanding your feeling when you were sobbed in 20hrs sunlight!

    since i moved my space to here, i found i lost my photos except those in blogs.i am still new to this WordPress, i have to come back for a through tour when i have free time.

    thanks for visiting my home onlinehome, you are the first who left a mark:)

    Enjoy your weekend while busy with your new job.


  3. Hi Jana I finally made it by. But my computer is still so slow makes visiting a pain. How wonderful your trip sounds. I too one day would like to make it there. It is a big place and so much to see. I did take a cruise ship up there a couple years ago. So just saw some of the small towns on the coast but did see one glacier. Amazing… Hugs Carrie

  4. So fun to read about your whole trip Jana!I have only seen a fraction of Alaska after 35 years up here!Hey You looked great, and you and David make a great looking couple.Best regards and hugs from Alaska

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