New York City

23. – 25.10.2009

Thanks to my friend Dita and after five years of living in the USA I finally went to see New York.


As I had just two days to see the city my visiting was intense and overwhelming. The city sucks you in and there is no way how to escape from it. My first feel of the city was right out of the train from Penn Station. As I entered the station suddenly crowd of people surrounded me and that feeling never left me. I called Dita to rescue me. I couldn’t even describe her where I was. There were people everywhere.

I was trying not to loose Dita as we were walking toward the subway. The city was lit by millions lights, by millions people, and by millions cars or I should say taxis. It was nice to sit down in Czech and Slovak Restaurant Koliba in Astoria and eat some Czech food. Then we went by taxi to Dita’s home. I was surprised that we went by taxi because in Boston it’s quite expensive but not in NY.

New York is crazy crazy crazy! I would never say that I love NYC or that NYC is beautiful. NYC is everything else but beautiful. Maybe just Chrysler building and Brooklyn bridge are beautiful and parks. :)

I would say that NYC is cool, crazy, loud, crowded, cosmopolitan for sure, colorful and dirty. And tense. NYC is nice at night and when is sunny.

NYC is everything you can imagine and everything you cannot! You just have to go there and see it, live it.


Dita took me through all the major sightseeing places.

You can see it in my album New York City.



  1. I have no desire to visit very many cities. I just can’t take the crowds. Everyone is always at a fast pace. No time for day dreaming there. But your photo are beautiful. Love the 1st one never really saw it from that angle. Have a great weekend. Take Care Carrie

  2. Hi Jana, i never be NYC so far, i don’t know what my feeling would be when i step on that land. but one thing i am sure, after escaping to a place having lowest population density, i probably will be yelling" i am back to real world" ..

  3. I’ve only lived in New York for a few months, but grew to appreciate quickly many of the things the city has to offer. One thing os for certain – one never needs to be bored in a place like that. Great photos! Be well,J.

  4. I had a such INTENSE time when I moved there, it was summer of 2005 and I spent 2 months there exploring the city, went to all the guetos and saw a lots of interesthing people and places, I remember feeling dizzy many many times with the crazyness of the city. I remember going back to Bostom, after the 2 months there, and loving the green from MASS, the lakes, the clean air, ahahhah Did you get a chance to walk through brooklin brigde? I done it 3 times, at night, morning and sunset, it was awesome!! I loved the first picture very much:) My favorite place in NY is the central park, no questions!! that little zoo…gorgeous!! I miss NYC (and boston as well). Nice post jana!! big hug1 minute ago | Delete

  5. Hi Jana;The photos say it all and so did you.Seems scary to me, so dense with people, but then there is so much culture…Think I’ll stay up here for awhile longer, thanks for bringing this to us though :)Hugs from Alaska

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